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Group gathers to protest Red Hen restaurant for expected re-opening day

LEXINGTON, VA (WFXR News) - - A group of about five protesters drove to Lexington, Virginia from Maryland to protest the Red Hen because they heard the restaurant would reopen Thursday. 

The Red Hen was put into the national spotlight after Press Secretary Sarah Sanders tweeted that the owner of the Red Hen had asked her to leave on June 23. 

Paul Brockman organized the protest, he is with the Maryland based group "Patriot Picket".

"We are here because actions have consequences. What the owners of the Red Hen, while perfectly legal, is reprehensible," Brockman said.

Brockman said his group his alerting the general public of what the owners did and want to let the marketplace decide. 

"We think the place for political statements is at the ballot box and not at the restaurant table."

Brockman said he wanted to show the owners that people don't forget. 

"You can't just hide under the blankets for a couple of weeks and think that everything is ok."

The group posted on social media that their aim is not to suffocate the Red Hen out of business.

"The marketplace will ultimately make the decision on the restaurant’s food, service, prices and ambiance."



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