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Girl suffers third degree burns after making homemade slime

BOSTON, MA (WCMH) -- The girl was rushed to the hospital after the homemade slime caused severe burns to her hands.

According to WCVB, Kathleen Quinn made some homemade slime last weekend. Later that night, while at a sleepover, she said her hands began to hurt. "It felt like really hot and tingly," Kathleen says.

Her parents took her to a local hospital where doctors determined the girl had suffered second and third degree burns to her hands.

"It was like crying in pain, 'My hands hurt, my hands hurt.'  And we looked at them and they were covered in blisters," Kathleen's mom Siobhan Quinn tells WCVB.

Doctors say that Kathleen's injuries came from extended exposure to borax one, a chemical used in homemade slime.


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