STUTTGART, AR (KARK) – For some, the process of pumping gas in your car is a mundane task, but video from Stuttgart shows the danger of doing so.

In surveillance video, it shows two guys standing by a car and then the flames ignite. People at the gas station believe the fire started from a cigarette.

It’s a video you don’t see everyday. A fire sparking at the VP Racing Fuels gas station in Stuttgart. It moves from the car to the pump. It’s believed to have started from a cigarette.

“I see those kinds of videos a lot, but never one this close to home,” Charles Anderson reacts.

Anderson services and sells fire extinguishers. He says he’s even more cautious now when he fills up his truck.

“Everybody is warned about these things all the time and no one seems to care,” said Anderson.

As you can see in the video, the car is driven away and the flames are quickly put out. The fire department was called that afternoon.

The fire chief says there are safety guidelines to follow when pumping gas, like not smoking or using a lighter. The fire department reminds people as we approach the colder months of the year to turn your car off before getting out and pumping gas

“There is a reason the signs are there posted for your safety,” Stuttgart Fire Chief Jimmy Cason said.

As the video shows, an everyday task turns extremely dangerous.

“I’ll be more aware of who is around me when I’m pumping gas,” Anderson said.

As for the gas pump, there wasn’t any major damage done. It was back up and running Thursday afternoon.