LAS VEGAS, NV (WFLA) — A Nevada woman has been on the run for nearly two years after she confessed to poisoning her husband’s bowl of Lucky Charms.

Andrea Heming pleaded guilty to contaminating the food, telling investigators she did it to stop him from having sex with her while she was sleeping.

She admitted to pouring boric acid, a poison that kills cockroaches, in his cereal, energy drinks and whipped cream.

“I wouldn’t use that much to kill him, but just enough to make him not have an erection,” she told cops two years ago in a police report obtained by 3 News.

Heming posted a $50,000 bail and bolted before her sentencing hearing, fleeing to her native Mexico.

Her now ex-husband told NBC affiliate KSNV-TV he has since moved to California and is worried his ex-wife will resurface.

He told police when he was poisoned, he was fatigued and had unexplained nosebleeds and diarrhea every day for nearly six months.