Firefighters rescue ducklings as frantic momma duck looks on

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GILBERT, AZ (NBC News) — Any firefighter can run into a burning building, but it takes a special team working in concert to rescue a family of ducklings from a sewer.

Add to that a frantic mother duck pacing and quacking as firefighters try to reach her babies.

Members of Gilbert Fire and Rescue in Arizona patiently plucked the little ducklings from the sewer one by one.

There was no way of knowing how many were down there, because some began to run into the drain pipe.

The firefighters handled each duckling methodically with extreme care, but apparently they weren’t moving fast enough.

That’s when mother duck decided to take matters into her own wings.

She suddenly leaped into the sewer to check out the situation for herself.

With all accounted for, she flew back out and graciously allowed the firefighters to continue their rescue.

They pulled out about four more.

By the time they were down to only one more duckling, Mother duck had gathered her flock and waddled away.

No “Thank you,” no, “Great job guys!” not even a nod.

Rescuers even had to catch up to her to place the last little duckling at the end of the line.

So we’ll say it: Thanks guys!” 

Because of these heroes a duck family is back together again.

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