(NBC News) – If getting organized is on your list of things to do in 2021, you’re not alone, more than 20 billion dollars is spent on organizational products each year.

Experts say anyone can do it and it doesn’t have to cost a fortune.

“I’m a recovering super slob,” confesses Cassandra Aarssen, an organizational expert. “The big myth is, ‘If I only got organized then I’d have space for everything,’ but organizing doesn’t create space, the de-cluttering creates space.”

A free quiz on Aarssen’s website “Clutterbug” helps find your organizing style.

“There are four different “Clutterbug” styles and if you know what naturally works for you you can set up a system that actually stays organized for good,” says Aarssen.

Melanie Berliet, general manager at The Spruce, says the benefits of organizing go far beyond the look of your space.

“I think your space is a reflection of you and by organizing it you’re setting yourself up for success in the rest of your life,” states Berliet.

 Berliet maintains you need to take baby steps when tackling the clutter.

“It can often help to divide a space into smaller sections that you can tackle within an hour and do a little bit each day,” explains Berliet.

“Identify your hotspots wherever it is in your home and then look around that space where you can take that hotspot and dedicate a home for it, either in a drawer in a cabinet or in some piece of furniture nearby, even if it is just a basket,” offers Aarssen.

Aarssen says fear can be a stumbling block.

“Don’t be afraid to fail, because that’s how I really found out what worked for me was trying new things, not trying new containers and new products but rearranging things in my home until I found what really worked,” Aarssen adds.

Finding what works and starting the new year off with a clean slate.

Experts say being organized isn’t about spending money or copying what other people are doing but adapting your needs in your home.