(NBC News) — Friday on an all-new “Dateline,” the investigation into the mysterious disappearance of Canadian limo driver Dwayne Demkiw sparks an international manhunt for an elusive killer with multiple false identities.

Here is a preview of Keith Morrison’s report:

It was a bright Sunday morning, going on noon. May 31st, 2015, Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

A pedestrian walking past a parking garage heard a loud explosion, and — quick as a wink — pulled out a smartphone and caught this video of a man running away from the garage and the smoldering hunk of a Honda Acura inside the garage. 

Firefighters and police — to their relief — could find no victim inside the car. But why did someone set it on fire? There had to be a reason.

The registered owner was a guy who lived a three-hour drive away, in the city of Edmonton: 42-year-old Dwayne Demkiw.

His friends had just seen Dwayne the night before, at a birthday party for one of his best friends, Kayla Polihronopolous.

But he left early to pull a shift at his limo service job.

KALYA POLIHRONOPOULOS: Dwayne said that he’d come back after he was done his limo shift.

But he did not.

KALYA POLIHRONOPOULOS: I didn’t really think anything at the time. I just thought maybe he went home to bed or something, he was tired. And then I got a phone call from a friend.

KALYA POLIHRONOPOULOS: “Have you heard from Dwayne– since the party?” And I said, “No.” And he said that Dwayne’s father had called to say that the police had called him to let him know that the car was on fire in Calgary. And then, of course, you just start panicking and phoning Dwayne like crazy.

Understand, the cops were treating this seriously, but as a missing persons case.

But, by June 4, 2015 — four days in — the missing person cops knew it was time to make a phone call.

BRIAN ROBERTSON: And they began to realize– that– probably something very– bad had happened to Dwayne.

Which is why they called in.

ROB BILAWEY: Based on the s– lack of signs of life with– Dwayne Demkiw, it was obvious that– that harm had come to him.

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