(NBC News) – Tonight on “Dateline,” it’s a story that’s gained national attention, insiders close to Idaho mother Lori Isenberg speak out for the first time on television after she was convicted of murdering her husband Larry Isenberg, originally claiming he died in a boating accident.

The two-hour broadcast, “Kill Switch,” also features new details in the case, as well as never-before-seen bodycam footage and jailhouse video from the investigation.

Here’s a preview of Keith Morrison’s report:

And after 14 years of marriage and nearly 30 years after first laying eyes on each other, Lori and Larry were, by all accounts, in love to a degree that was almost nauseating.

DEPUTY: I’m just gonna try to ask you some questions so we can kinda figure out where to go from here.



Now, Larry was gone and deputies found Lori looking like she’d been on the wrong end of a prizefight.

DEPUTY: Uh, can you tell me, uh, how’d you get the bloody nose?

LORI: I fell down.

DEPUTY: You fell down?

EMS: She says she fell against the door, she’s sayin’…

LORI: I was trying to grab him!

DEPUTY: OK, all right. Well, we got…

LORI: I couldn’t find him. (crying)

DEPUTY: … the best people out there looking for him right now okay? So we’re gonna do what we can.

Not that there was much the divers could do. In water so cold a body would sink like a stone. The lake was 130 feet deep in Powderhorn Bay.

Before long, Lori was taken from the boat to a waiting pickup, then an ambulance and the local hospital. It was all so confusing, said Larry’s son Dean.

DEAN ISENBERG: My sister called me and said that there’s been an accident and she was in tears I couldn’t really figure out what had happened.

Hadn’t his father texted him this stunning photo of the sunrise just a few hours earlier?

And he’d thought ‘Those crazy kids.’

DEAN ISENBERG: I was just like ‘I can’t believe they’re going out on the water as cold as it is,’ and I went back to sleep.

KEITH: Did you respond at all?

DEAN ISENBERG: Nope, I don’t think I did. I mean it was a gorgeous sunrise, don’t get me wrong, but it’s like they’d never be out there doing that. It was very, very odd.

Oh, he had no idea.

What Lori’s daughter told Keith Morrison about her regret, tonight at 9 p.m. on NBC4.

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