(NBC News) – Tonight on “Dateline,” a case that gained worldwide attention after deputies found spiritual leader Amy Carlson’s mummified body covered with Christmas lights in a Colorado house where members of her group, “Love Has Won,” stayed. 

Here is a preview of Keith Morrison’s report:

Perhaps you saw the headlines about what deputies discovered when they came to this house in rural Colorado. That story made headlines all around the world.

Tonight, you’re going to hear the whole tale, which has never been told before.

You’ll hear from people who have not spoken before. People who can tell us the secrets behind the mystery of the woman who called herself “Mother God.”

Mother God’s message resonated very strongly with some people. Hundreds of them came to live with her over the years. Many more followed her online.

Amanda Ray has made it her mission to understand it all.

AMANDA RAY: “3D world in their eyes is the cabal. It’s the evil. It’s you know, you can’t trust anybody at all.”

“3D world” is the same as what you probably call “the world.” Day-to-day reality.

Followers of Mother God think this world is evil full of lies and conspiracies. But by following the teachings they can leave this earth and reach a new, better one called 5D, the fifth dimension.

AMANDA RAY: “5D was really this planetary ascension where we’re going to just ascend into a whole new dimension, a higher dimension, where we are going to live as a planet at this higher frequency and we’re going to experience just love and peace, no hate, no crime.”

Their only way to the 5D was through her.

AMANDA RAY: “Their message was that God is a woman. She’s here on the planet in physical form. And her name is Amy Carlson.”

Amy Carlson, the woman at the center of a mystery.

Tonight, family members and investigators are speaking out for the first time on network television since Amy Carlson’s death.

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