(NBC News) – Since the disappearance of James Chambers in August 2014, North Carolina detectives have searched for answers in the murder of the 28-year-old Fayetteville construction worker.

Friday’s all-new “Dateline” examines the twists and turns of this case, featuring Andrea Canning’s exclusive interviews with James family members you’ll hear from for the first time and investigators at the center of the case.

Here’s a preview:

ANDREA CANNING: Monday morning he’s supposed to be at work. Doesn’t show?

PETE CHAMBERS: Doesn’t show.

ANDREA CANNING: What’s your first thought?

PETE CHAMBERS: No show. I tried callin’ him, textin’ him, never anything about him. So then e– I said, “Well, I’ll just let it go for a day or so.” And then Tuesday shows up and he’s not here.

Rachel was now in a panic.

RACHEL WELLHOUSER: I start blowing up his phone. I left a message, “Marco.”

“Marco,” that was her family’s emergency code word.

RACHEL WELLHOUSER: My daughter and my son and my husband and myself always knew we had to have a safety word, to contact immediately. James didn’t.

ANDREA CANNING: That must’ve spoke volumes to you.

RACHEL WELLHOUSER: I was screaming inside. Five minutes. 10 minutes. An hour goes away. James has always immediately responded to anything.

By now, James’ roommate Brandi was also worried and called his manager at the lake.

BRANDI SUGRUE: The lake said he never showed up. I was kind of gob-smacked at that moment. I did a, “Like, what do you mean, he didn’t show up?” They said, “No, he didn’t show up,” and so at that point, it was kinda a deer in the headlights’ moment.

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