CARBON COUNTY, PA (WBRE)  A father from Carbon County, Pennsylvania is making history by treating his daughter with medical marijuana.

Five-year-old Cora Haloskie from Albrightsville and her twin brother TJ have autism.

Their father Jeremy said Cora’s symptoms were more severe, and she used to have 10 or 15 meltdowns in one day.

That’s why, after doing a lot of research, he decided to try a less traditional treatment.

Jeremy is one of the first certified caregivers in Pennsylvania’s medical marijuana program.

He told Eyewitness News the prescription not only reduced her repetitive behavior and the meltdowns, but it also helped Cora find her voice.

After just eight doses, she had her first conversation with her dad.  It was a disagreement over a cookie, but for Jeremy, it was a blessing.

“I laugh because she gave me a little bit of sass with it,” said Jeremy.  “But I walked away and thought wow, that was the first time we actually talked back and forth! I was so grateful!”

Jeremy said it’s important for parents to make their own choices with doctors about their child’s healthcare.

He plans to find out if medical marijuana could help his son TJ since he’s also on the spectrum.