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Costco removing $1.50 Polish hot dog combo, adds healthier options

(WCMH) – Say goodbye to the $1.50 Polish sausage and drink combo from the food court at Costco.

The warehouse club says it is making way for some healthier food options. They are adding healthier options, like açai fruit bowls, organic burgers and a salad with a plant-based protein, the Seattle Times reported.

If you’re still in the mood for a hot dog, the $1.50 all-beef hot dog combo is still on the menu.

“The all-beef hot dog remains,” said Chief Financial Officer Richard Galanti.

The combo has been a part of Costco’s menu since 1985. The price has not been adjusted for inflation.

A social media campaign has started to save the Polish dog, identifying itself with #SaveThePolishDog.











If you still want a Polish dog, they are available in bulk in the store’s refrigerated meats section.


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