(NEXSTAR) — Beverage giants Coca-Cola and PepsiCo are facing harsh criticism Friday after news of both companies’ continued operations in Russia amid the invasion of Ukraine. The attention led both #BoycottCocaCola and #BoycottPepsi to trend on Twitter Friday, with many swearing off products from both.

Pressure to pull business from Russia comes after numerous governments and businesses implemented a cascade of economic consequences following the unprovoked attack on Ukraine that began Feb. 24.

The Economist correspondent Oliver Carroll reported Friday that Ukrainian supermarkets Novus and Silpo are boycotting Coca-Cola for the time being. Reuters explains both beverage companies have around 4% revenue exposure in Russia. Pepsi also has two production plants in the country.

Attorney and legal commentator Tristan Snell tweeted Friday: “Coke AND Pepsi are still doing business in Russia. I won’t buy ANY of either company’s products until they halt operations in Russia and stop supporting Putin’s war crimes in Ukraine.” Political personality Majid M. Padellan said, “Coca-Cola appears to have decided its profits are more important than the lives of Ukrainians.”

The United Nations says one million Ukraine residents have fled the country. UN reports at least 227 civilians have died and at least 525 people were wounded.

Coca-Cola and PepsiCo did not immediately respond to request for comment.