(WCMH) — On Sunday morning, Meet The Press moderator Chuck Todd announced on the staple NBC program he will be departing the show after nine years.

Todd said he will remain on the show until September and pass hosting duties to Kristen Welker, current co-anchor of Weekend Today and NBC’s co-chief White House correspondent. Welker will become just the second female moderator on Meet The Press and the first since the show’s inaugural host Martha Rountree (1947-1953).

Todd took over as the moderator of American television’s longest-running program ever in September of 2014, replacing David Gregory. As the moderator for nine years, Todd is the show’s longest running host since Tim Russert, who moderated Meet The Press for more than 16 years (1991-2008). His role will now shift as NBC’s chief political analyst and will continue to feature on NBC News and its political coverage.

Welker has become a regular fill-in host for Todd on Meet The Press and has been his co-anchor for NBC’s election night coverage since 2021. She has worked for NBC since 2010 after multiple years at NBC and ABC local affiliate stations in the late 2000s. Welker also moderated the third and final presidential debate in 2020 between Donald Trump and President Joe Biden.

Meet The Press airs every Sunday on NBC4 from 10:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.