Cellphone video captures confrontation between pool officer, tenant

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INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Shayne Holland had plans to spend a quiet afternoon beside the pool.

He stretched out his legs and reclined poolside at River Crossing at Keystone Apartments, where he is a tenant. 

An officer working security for complex approached Holland, and asked if he lived at River Crossing and his address. Holland said he told the officer “yes,” showed her his apartment key but then explained that he felt uncomfortable giving her his address. Holland added that his uneasiness came from not knowing if the officer in shades was truly an officer. 

Moments later a leasing agent joined in the conversation. She referred to Holland by his first name, and Holland believed the situation was over because the agent verified he is a tenant. 

“At that point, I’m thinking the conversation is over, we can end this like adults,” Holland said. 

The back and forth was not over. Suddenly the officer snatched the key out of Holland’s hand. In return Holland remained calm and stayed seated. 

“I feel like you are baiting me to do something. If I respond forcefully, she would have just have harmed me over a pool,” Holland said. 

The back and forth came to an end, though, and Holland walked back to his apartment.

Holland recorded two videos of the interaction between himself, the officer and the property manager, which he posted to Twitter. In the first video, the officer asks for his address, and he asks for her badge number. The property manager joins the conversation, and she and Holland argue over whether he should have had to give his address to the officer after showing his key to the officer. 

Dialogue of the first video:

Holland: “What up, Insta Live? We got another police officer, after I showed her my key, walked up here and tried to kick me out of my own go**amn pool. I pay $1,600 in rent.”

Off-duty IMPD officer: “What’s your address?” 

Holland: “What’s your badge number? That’s my question.”

Holland addresses a woman he later identified to News 8 as the property manager: “Candice (referring to the property manager), tell her she look stupid. Now tell her she look dumb. Just tell her she look dumb because I told her, I showed her my key; she didn’t have to come over here. I’m over here….”

Off-duty IMPD officer: “I asked you what your address was.”

Holland: “Yeah but I told her … Listen, hold up. First of all, the question that you asked me was do I live here. I said yes. Then you asked me what my address was. I showed you my key. What more of a conversation needs to be held? Am I, like seriously? What more of a conversation do I need to….”

Property manager: “Shayne, I have a whole bunch of people around here. You need to answer her question,” said the property manager. 

Holland: “I did answer her question. I did.” 

Property manager: “Did you tell her what your address is?” 

Holland: “Why do I need to give this lady who I don’t know my address? I don’t know her. I don’t know if that’s a fake*ss badge. What do you mean? I’m saying, just seriously, just think about it from my perspective. But you just came over here and ruined my alone time.”

Property manager: “Shayne, this is only for residents. It’s being regulated–“

Holland: “I showed her my key. What else did I have to do, Candice?” 

Property manager: “All you have to do, all you have to do is answer what your address is.”

Holland: “She didn’t walk over there — she didn’t. Were you gonna walk over there?” 

At this point the officer says that she did walk over to the other areas. 

Holland: “No you haven’t; you ain’t been over there in the last hour.”

Off-duty IMPD officer: “Yes I have.”

Property manager: “I already walked out here and looked at everything with her. Plus your mom’s purse is in the office, and if you want to take that.”

Holland: “Oh I wasn’t going to walk over there, I thought it was closed. I was going to get it tomorrow. But like, this is, I just don’t feel like I’m welcome, you know what I mean? Like, she just walked over here and just literally looked right at me like, ‘Yo he’s not….’ You know what I mean? I showed her my key. I literally showed her my key. At that point, I feel like there’s no more conversation, and I wasn’t here.” 

Property manager: “Had you been out here 20 minutes before–“

Holland: “It was probably 30 minutes that I was here; I’ve been sitting out here for–“

Property manager: “Are you going to let me let me talk or are you going to talk over me?”

Holland: “Honestly I don’t care to hear you talk,” he said.

Property manager: “Then leave.”

Holland:  “Why do I have to leave my pool that I pay for? She don’t live here — do you live here?”

Property manager: “There is a sign that says that I can ask for anybody to leave at any time.” 

Holland: “But for what? But for … why am I leaving? I literally have been sitting here not doing sh*t, literally just got over here.”

Property manager: “Shayne, stop.”

Holland: “I feel threatened. Honestly, I don’t feel like I’m–“

Property manager: “I already came out here with her, and I have looked at everybody here–“

Holland: “I’m just saying, I showed her my key. I already showed her.”

Property manager: “You haven’t been here for half an hour.”

Holland: “I have been. I just left the gym; I literally just left the gym.”

Property manager: “You haven’t been sitting right here for half an hour, Shayne.”

Holland: “All right. I’m just saying–“

Property manager: “You just walked out of__”

Holland: “That’s cool. Why can’t I show you my key and say that’s it?”

Property manager: “She wanted your address.”

Holland: “But if I have my key, I could have made up a number.”

In the second video, the property manager asks him to leave again; then, he and the officer argue about whether he should have responded to her question about his address. 

Then the officer takes Holland’s apartment key out of his hand, and after a continued conversation, Holland walks back to his apartment.

River Crossing at Keystone Crossing issued this statement to News 8: 

“We take these claims seriously and as we continue to investigate, we have placed our property manager on administrative leave. We are disappointed that we weren’t able to handle this situation in a way in which everyone felt respected and understood. We should have communicated with all residents that we would have security on site, who would be asking for proof of residency. In an effort to maintain their privacy, please understand that we will not be able to share certain information about residents. We continue to evaluate how we can better communicate our policies in the future and ask that you reach out to us if you have any questions.” 

Barrett & Stokely Inc. manages the property. 

Holland said he does not want to see anyone lose a job; however, he believes this incident should spark conversation and change. 

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