WALLER COUNTY, Texas (CW39) – A tiger was caught on camera roaming a neighborhood in Texas over the weekend. A Waller County sheriff’s deputy is seen in the video with his service weapon drawn at a tiger in a residential neighborhood.

The deputy on the scene who captured the footage says several neighbors called and texted him stating there was “a tiger on the loose in their neighborhood.”

He arrived at the location and located the tiger laying in the grass of a home at 1103 Ivy Wall Dr., just inside Highway 6 on the west side.

The tiger eventually got up and started walking toward the deputy resulting in him drawing his service pistol.

The deputy is seen walking backwards away from the tiger. However, it continued to walk after him.

The two crossed the street and walked into a neighbor’s yard. That’s where the tiger remained at gunpoint. Also caught on camera, a man walked out and grabbed the tiger, forcing it into his house.

The deputy on scene said someone showed up and loaded the tiger into a car shortly after.

Just as Houston police arrived, the man left the location and officers were unable to catch him.