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Caught on camera: Minivan runs over Portland woman

**Warning: The video in this story may be considered graphic**

KOIN - PORTLAND, OR (KOIN) -- Vanessa Karambelas had just picked up a pastry at a coffee shop and was walking across a road in Portland Thursday morning when she stopped in the middle of the street.

A purple minivan was approaching, so Karambelas put her hands up and looked at the vehicle. She then turned to face the minivan as it inched closer to her feet.

Then, the driver of the minivan pressed on the gas, knocking Karambelas to the ground before running her over and driving away.

The intentional hit-and-run was all caught on surveillance video.

**Warning: The video below may be considered graphic**

Karambelas, 27, is currently in critical condition at Legacy Emmanuel Hospital in Oregon.

"Well, they've got her in intensive care," her father, Van, said. "They're taking care of her. But when you get run over, things happen internally so they're keeping an eye on her."

Portland Police said this is an active investigation and are still searching for the driver of the minivan.


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