(CNN) – Scary surveillance video from a phone repair shop shows an iPhone exploding just feet away from a worker.

“It takes a lot for it to explode,” Paul Tartaglio said.

The owner of a gadget repair shop says the heat damage leads to lots of problems.

The explosion that sent the worker scrambling was sparked as the employee was working to replace a broken screen that was caused by just such a problem with heat.

Tartaglio says while iPhone battery explosions are rare they are not unheard of.

There is no way to really predict when a battery will blow.

At the same point, phones typically only explode when they’ve been extremely hot so keeping them cool is vital in the summer.

Not just to prevent an explosion, but also to extend your battery life.

Tartaglio says once you get the temperature warning a couple times you are going to have less time to talk.

Another thing to avoid is wireless chargers. Tartaglio says you should avoid using them to charge overnight.

“They are great, but they do heat up your device and battery,” Tartaglio said.