PASADENA, TX (WCMH) — Police are looking for the suspect who stabbed a family’s cat in the head with a screwdriver. 

Samantha Pastor says Tito the cat is getting back to his old self after a vicious attack.

“It’s scary to think evil is lurking that close to home,” Pastor told KTRK

While she and her family was out of town before Christmas, her pet sitter let Tito outside the home. 

When he came back less than an hour later, he had a screwdriver lodged in his head.

“I was scared he wasn’t going to make it,” said Pastor.

The veterinarian told Pastor it appeared Tito was held down when he was stabbed.

“Who would do something like that? A sick individual. A very sick individual.”

Pastor has warned her neighbors about what happened. 

Pasadena police are looking for information. 

One thing is certain she won’t let him back outside alone.

“I’m afraid if I let him out he may not come back or worse I have two small kids I have two dogs, are we really safe with someone walking around doing something like that to an animal,” Pastor told KTRK

She and her family will hold him close, thankful it wasn’t worse.

“He’s the luckiest cat in Pasadena.”