ESTES PARK, Colo. (KDVR) — A new bride is hoping a Colorado community can help find her missing engagement ring that was made with her grandmother’s ashes.

Lisa Visnosky got married on May 3 in Estes Park. She was getting ready at her venue, the Della Terra Mountain Chateau, when she set her ring down on the sink in her dressing room to finish the icing on her cake. She hasn’t seen the ring since.

“I enlisted everybody who was there for our wedding, which was all of seven people and then the staff of Della Terra and my photographers to look for my engagement ring, but we weren’t able to find it,” she said.

The ring is a size 4.5/5 and is white gold. Visnosky and her husband worked with a jeweler to custom make a once-in-a-lifetime ring. The main center stone was created with her grandmother’s ashes, making it irreplaceable.

Aside from the sentimental main stone, there are light blue stones on the prongs holding it in. These stones were taken from a necklace her husband made her for her birthday the year they got engaged. There are also three stones going down the band on both sides.

Lisa Visnosky is looking for her missing engagement ring that was made with her grandmother’s ashes. (Photo courtesy Lisa Visnosky)

“If someone found it, it would mean so much to me. It is so irreplaceable to me. Just the sentiment and everything else that went into the ring,” Visnosky said. “My vows even included that I won’t take off rings and lay them in random places anymore, I will always remember where I put things.”

Visnosky is offering a cash reward for the return of her special ring.

“I still have hope. I think people are great, and I do think if more eyes are on the situation, my hope is that it can be found,” she said.

Visnosky also reported her missing ring to the Estes Park police. If you have any information, contact them at Contact Estes Park Police Department’s Crime Stoppers tip line at 970-577-3838 or via email at