CHICO, CA (KNVN) An advertisement saying “Black Friday Matters” at a gun range in California is receiving backlash from the community.

The advertisement is up at Down Range in Chico, playing off of the popular “Black Lives Matter” movement.

“Businesses do have the freedom under the 1st Amendment…but there’s a level of ‘rocking the boat’ that can be detrimental to the community,” said Chico State University student Rex Bell. “It seems to me that they minimalized all of the issues behind Black Lives Matter. Not intentionally, maybe, I don’t think anyone wants to be that monster, maybe they didn’t understand the impact it would have.”

Down Range’s owner says the “Black Lives Matter” movement is not exactly harmless.

“I’m also a law enforcement officer and that stuff is often for us a false narrative, and it can get people hurt rather than just following direction,” explained Will Clark, CEO & Owner of Down Range.

Clark’s says the add was not intended to hurt anyone.

“As a small business, Black Friday matters – for us, we’ve been blessed to be here for the last four years, and we’re looking at it as, small business is the life blood of our economy, so we’re looking at it as, shop local for Black Friday,” said Clark.

Some community members say there’s no way to say it’s right or wrong, it’s all a matter or how you choose to take it.