Go to any animal shelter and you’re sure to see bonded pairs of dogs and cats looking for homes.

But at the Bucks County S.P.C.A., they’re running a special 2-for-1: Adopt a miniature horse and get a goose.

“If you want to adopt Waffles, you have to adopt Hemingway. And if you want to adopt Hemingway, you have to adopt Waffles,” said Linda Reider, of the Bucks County S.P.C.A.

These best buddies were rescued from a farm where conditions were subpar.

So now, when it comes to his best bud, Hemingway ain’t horsin’ around.

Reider said Hemingway and Waffles are two peas in a pod that go way back.

They’re a package deal, she said.

“Waffles is a six, six and a half-year-old miniature horse,” she said.

He’s small, but his personality isn’t.

He loves grass and carrots and there’s one other thing that he loves: Hemingway.

She said Hemingway and Waffles were removed under warrant from the farm which may have bonded them.

When Waffles was sick, Reider said: “There was Hemingway, standing with his hand and neck, comforting Waffles.”

Hemingway is also protective.

“When we go to give medicines or injections. Hemingway would get in between and say, I’m sorry, that’s my buddy, the horse, he doesn’t want a shot today, ” Reider said.

Waffles is not yet cleared for adoption and the Bucks County S.P.C.A will not take applications until they are both available.

For more information about Waffles and Hemingway visit the Bucks County S.P.C.A website or the shelter’s Facebook page.