FOREST HILLS, NY (WCMH) — There was no holding back when it came to Billy’s homerun dance. 

In a viral video posted to Facebook, Billy, a baseball player with Down syndrome takes a mighty swing at a ball on a tee. 

“Best video of the day. Watch the end for the dance,” the video posted by Kristine Squitieri Fitzpatrick writes.

Billy begins his homerun trot around the bases, but when he’s about to reach homeplate is when the fun really begins. 

Billy celebrates the homerun with various dances, and an epic touch of homeplate that leaves onlookers literally floored. 

The video, which has more than 50,000 shares, is also doing a lot of good.

So far, Fitzpatrick has raised more than $2,000 for League of Yes Inc, which is an organization aimed at providing baseball programs for people with disabilities.