BEAVER DAM, WI (WFRV) – Officials say they were left with no other choice but to blow up a unit after an explosion earlier this week from homemade explosives.

One man was killed in that explosion on Monday and his body is still inside the apartment.

Officials can not remove the body because it’s too dangerous for anyone to enter at this time.

The man’s identity and motives are unknown at this time.

Beaver Dam’s police chief says the FBI and ATF are still investigating after different chemicals and bomb-making materials were found inside the apartment.

The explosives could not be removed which is why they’re conducting the detonation inside the apartment.

Police say the detonation could cause additional damage to the apartment unit.

Dozens of others at the complex and other locations nearby were evacuated on Monday as a precaution, and investigators say victim specialists are working with those affected.

Several families were able to come home Tuesday but others are still waiting for that call.

Many residents are left without any of their belongings, pets, or medication.