DALLAS (NEXSTAR) — We’re all a little more emotional with the stress and change brought about by 2020’s coronavirus pandemic. And what does that mean? We’re ripe for a good cry — and major brands are all about giving you “all the feels” this holiday season.

Rather than capture the cuteness of Christmas, companies are tugging at your heartstrings and forcing you to dig deep into the tissue box.

Here are a few of the ads sure to get you stuck in a “glass case of emotion”:

The Show Must Go On – Amazon

The pandemic has crushed hopes and dreams, but it won’t keep a young ballerina from performing on the big stage — even if it’s on the roof of her building.

After months of hard work, the girl’s performance is canceled due to the pandemic. As you might imagine, her heart is absolutely crushed. But what does little sister do? She pulls out the construction paper and makes the world’s cutest invitations for a makeshift performance.

On the big night, our ballerina puts on her costume and performs for the neighborhood as people watch from their windows. As snow gently falls, her new crush uses a flashlight (purchased from Amazon, of course) to provide a spotlight.

The ad ends with dozens of neighbors giving her a standing ovation.

If this doesn’t make your eyes well up, you may have a Grinch-like heart that’s “two sizes too small”

Give with all your heart – Kohl’s

You may have seen the 30-second version of this spot on television but watching the 90-second internet version will have you reaching for your childhood blankie for emotional support.

In this tearjerker of an ad, a little girl makes friends with an elderly neighbor through a window during lockdown. After trading messages via signs, the old lady disappears leaving the child left to wonder what happened.

On Christmas morning, the lady reemerges with a new sign and a hospital bracelet (did she beat COVID?!?) to greet her little friend across the alley.

On top of that, Kohl’s has Willie Nelson’s version of “Rainbow Connection” as the soundtrack to the spot!

Just too much to handle…

From our family to yours – Disney

If you aren’t wiping tears off your phone screen or keyboard yet, you’re about to…

In Disney’s 3-minute video, we see an aging grandmother give her childhood Mickey Mouse doll to her granddaughter. The pair then sit down together and make an ornamental Filipino lantern called a parol for Christmas.

As the years go by and the girl continues to grow, she becomes less interested in the doll and annual tradition. It all comes to a head when, as a teenager, she brushes off Lola to go chill with friends — leaving grandma to literally produce tears while holding her beloved Mickey doll.

Give us a second. We need a break.

Ok, back.

The teen returns home to see a disheveled Mickey on the ground and then comes to the realization she’s done Grams wrong. Like Buddy the Elf at a department store, Lola whips up enough lanterns to deck out the living room overnight. When grandma comes down the stairs in the morning and spots the decorations, she’s magically brought back in time and we all but watch her heart melt.

And when the two hug…my goodness!

Coca-Cola Christmas Commercial 2020

When we first started watching this ad, we had no idea it would make us cry. In fact, it seems like a pretty cool action-adventure movie! But who wants that in a 2020 Christmas commercial?

In this 2:30 clip, a little girl gives dad her letter to Santa before he leaves for a work trip. A few hours into the job, he realizes he forgot to put the letter in the mail, so he springs into action! After swimming through oceans, surviving an incident with a whale, navigating the rainforest and a bunch of other cool stuff, he arrives at the North Pole only to find it’s closed for Christmas! Santa has already left with the reindeer!

He hitches a ride back home with a conveniently placed Coca-Cola driver and then opens the letter once stepping out of the big rig.


We aren’t going to tell you what it said because it would ruin it. But there’s delightful music, hugs, etc. And guess what? We find out that wasn’t just any delivery driver. No, no, no. It was the big guy!