DETROIT, MI (WCMH/CNN) — A 10-year-old in Michigan is facing assault charges after police claimed he hit another student in the face in a game of dodgeball.  

“These kids are basically playing a game that we all have played,” Cameishi Lindley, the mother of the boy charged, told WXYZ.  

Lindley’s son is accused of throwing a ball during the game at another student.  

The mother of the child hurt states her son has a medical condition that makes head injuries dangerous. She claims her son suffered facial tissue damage, a black eye and a bruised nose. 

According to a police report, the boy also sustained a concussion during the dodgeball game.  

Lindley asserted that her son, Bryce, knew nothing of the other child’s condition.   

“This is a kid that was playing on the playground with his friends,” Lindley said.  

The mother of the child hurt related that her son had been hit in the face before and she had reported it to the school.  

“My son was hit twice in the face with a ball previously due to this and the child apologized to my son and he said mom it’s OK we’re still gonna be friends.” 

“I’m unaware of any of those situations. Sorry that her child got hurt. I’d be sorry for any child that got hurt,” stated Lindley. 

The 10-year-old is scheduled to be in juvenile court August 1.