WINDSOR LOCKS, CT (WWLP) – Airport Security personnel around the nation have found a record-breaking number of guns this past week.

In just one week, TSA officials confiscated 81 guns from people trying to board planes. They discovered 70 loaded guns, 31 of which had a round in the chamber.

“I think that’s frightening, but I think that it’s a good thing that it’s found before people get on the planes with them,” Fern Friedman told WLWP-TV.

The previous record, set the week before, was 78 guns.

It’s not just guns officials are finding. They also confiscated swords, throwing knives, and even a machete, during searches.

In the US, guns and ammunition are not allowed in the passenger cabin, unless you’re a federal law enforcement officer.

The TSA said, in many cases, travelers are simply forgetting they have a weapon on them. Others though disagree.

“I don’t think they’re forgetting anything,” said Friedman. “I think they’re trying to pull something over on somebody, because how do you forget when you go to travel to the airport, when you know you can’t bring anything and you do.”

You can travel with your gun, but it must be properly packed away in your checked luggage. Additionally, you must inform the airline during check-in that you’re flying with a weapon.

Gun laws vary by state, so officials are urging people to become familiar with state and local gun laws before traveling. A passenger could face a penalty as high as $11,000, or in some cases, they could be arrested.