DUBLIN, OH (WCMH) – You may remember last year’s famous “Trumpkin” that made international headlines.

This year local artist Jeanette Paras (http://paraspumpkins.com/) is back at it again, but has added a few pumpkin-friends to join Donald Trump on her porch.

“I have been doing this since 1988,” she said. “It’s whoever is the hot topic of conversation at the time.”

She’s “pumpkinized” dozens of other celebrities and personalities, including Kim Jung Un, Lady Gaga and Steve Jobs.

Miley Cyrus (https://www.facebook.com/ParasPumpkins/photos/a.456499887725123.96984.153925814649200/626242047417572/?type=3&theater) was even painted with her tongue sticking out, with a chain coming out of her head like a wrecking ball.

“If you take a look at who I’ve ‘pumpkinized’ each year it’s who is just right out there in the media,” said Paras.

Paras says she keeps each year’s characters top secret, even putting paper over her windows in her garage studio.

This year she said she had to have the presidential candidates, but added in a wildcard.

“I had to have the presidential candidates, but I could not overlook Vladimir ‘Putkin’ and how he’s winking all the way from Russia at his attempted involvement in our election process,” she said.

“Putkin” weighs-in the heaviest at 341 lbs. Hillary “Clintkin” comes in at 145 lbs and Donald “Trumpkin” at 133 lbs.

Each one starts with a sketch and then is painted onto a giant pumpkin canvas. This year it took her one day to sketch and 2 1/2 days to paint.

“It’s really a good feeling just to do something that makes people happy,” she said. “When the UPS and the Federal Express drivers are both standing on your front porch getting their pictures taken and neither of them are delivering a package, you know you’re doing something pretty unique.”

Paras said it’s also helped her get through cancer.

“I am a two-time breast cancer survivor,” she said. “This fun pumpkin thing that I do helped me help me recover.”

And during this stressful political season, she said she’s glad to help lift people’s spirits.

“They get a lot of joy out of it,” said Paras. “It just brings a big smile to a lot of people.”

Her giant pumpkins all come from local growers right here in Ohio.