Trial continues for man accused of killing woman with rock

CHILLICOTHE, OH (WCMH) — A Chillicothe man is being tried for allegedly beating a woman to death with a rock two and half years ago.

Donnie Cochenour Jr. watched as his half-sister, Lisa Frost testified in court that she lied about what he told her, but then admitted to covering up evidence and initially telling police about his and her involvement.

Cochenour is charged with murdering Rebecca Cade, 31, on the evening of October 12, 2015, after attending an outdoor party. Her body was found dangling on an electric substation fence nearby the next morning.

Frost phoned the woman who owned the home, and said Cochenour did something crazy and came to the home where they lived covered in mud and blood. On October 13 she admitted to investigators to tossing his clothes in a neighbor’s trash dumpster and cleaning up the bathroom after Cochenour showered. Frost served a year in jail for tampering with evidence.

Detectives claimed Frost did not at first admit to what she knew, but eventually made incriminating statements to them about what Cochenour had done. A detective testified what she said to him, and where the clothes and Cochenour could be found.

Today in court she said she said she lied about my first statement because I was scared.” I was addicted to drugs, I only wanted to go out and get my next high, I was tricking and doing whatever I could do to get my next high and I would blame anybody,” Frost said. “I was addicted to heroin and meth, now I am sober and I know what I know, he did not do this, he did not tell me he did this, he told me he was jumped,” she said.

Detective Shawn Rourke with Chillicothe police recorded Frost’s initial statements incriminating Cochenour. He also testified about Frost leading officers to Cochenour’s location on Three Locks Road, where Frost and a friend took him the night of the murder.

Detective Rourke showed jurors Cochenour’s clothes, Cade’s broken glasses and the bloody rock, all evidence recovered in and around the Scioto Avenue scene.

Detective Rourke, an Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigations Investigator and someone from the County Coroner’s office will testify this afternoon about DNA and blood evidence recovered.