ID (WCMH)– The small town welcomes its visitors with signs that reads “Welcome to Greenleaf, Idaho. This is Not a Gun Free Zone.”

According to KBOI, the signs have been up for months and residents said they reflect the attitude of the town.

“We are a big family out here in Greenleaf,” said Kelly McBride, a resident of the town for more than 10 years. “It’s a small town. I think all of us having a gun shows that we are a respectable society.”

A sign was installed at each of the five entrances of the town, and each was paid for by a private donations.

The 800 or so residents of Greenleaf are encouraged to own guns and get firearm training in their city code. Residents say the signs act as another deterrent for crime.

“There’s a right place for guns,” McBride told KBOI. “A place that they can be used. We should have the right to protect ourselves from criminals and hopefully these kind of signs deter crime in the long run.”

According to people in the town, the stance on gun rights has led to an increase of population.