COLUMBUS (WCMH) — Are you at work right now, wondering how it’s taken 3 hours for the hand on the clock to move five minutes? You’re not alone. We’re all wondering. Now, until scientists figure out why time moves more slowly when you’re bored out of your mind, we have to find ways to have fun!

Who has more fun than kids? No one. So let’s take a moment to be a kid again! Here are some top spots to escape #adulting for a while and just have fun.

Sky Zone Trampoline Park

Remember jumping on the trampoline? Playing popcorn? Making the smallest person feel like they might get to space? Well you can have that fun again, and no one can judge you! Check out Sky Zone.  It’s the world’s first indoor trampoline park! Scared to tell your friends you miss the trampoline? Just tell them it’s been voted the number one ‘out of the box’ workout! That’ll make you sound fit!

Skate Zone 71

ROLLER SKATING. We all remember doing the cha-cha slide in our roller skates, right?! Take it back to the days of rental skates and scraped knees at Skate Zone 71. There’s free wi-fi too, so if your kids don’t feel the nostalgia, they still have Facebook. Adult only skate nights are Thursdays from 9pm to 1am and Sundays from 8pm to 12am through the summer!

Lazer Kraze

Get a group together and take to the laser tag field! This might look like it’s for kids, but that’s only because they have way more fun than we do! Suit up and take aim at your friends in this futuristic set! Missions last just about 20 minutes so you’ll be in an out before any other adults catch you enjoying yourself!

Grand Prix Karting

Get out of your responsible, good-on gas, gets you from a-to-b car… and get into a Grand Prix Kart! Forget about Monday’s meeting on one of the quarter-mile tracks in the 120,000 square-foot facility! If your boss catches you having fun… just say you’re doing field research or something else that sounds work-ish and slightly boring.

Old North Arcade

Okay, this place has the best of both worlds!  Video games and alcohol. Check out classic arcade games and a giant version of Jenga while you sip on one of the many brews on tap. YOUR WELCOME.

COGO Bike Rental

Remember when it was just you and the open sidewalk near your house before the streetlights came on? Yeah. Freedom. Well you can have it again! Rent a COGO and ride! Grab a 24-hour pass or become a member and ride even more! It’s a great way to explore downtown Columbus and if anyone asks… you’re reducing your carbon footprint. THAT IS ALL.

There is absolutely NO AGE LIMIT on having fun. Take a break from the normal grind and enjoy yourself!What others are clicking on: