SALEM, OR (KOIN) – A little girl in Salem has a brand new doll that looks just like her – prosthetic legs and all.

Two-year-old Violet was born with fibular hemimelia, which means she is missing her fibula, the calf bone. In September 2015 she had a Syme amputation, just above the ankle.

To create a doll that looks just like little Violet, the Shriners Hospital orthotic and prosthetic department “operated” on an American Girl doll and created prosthetic legs to match the ones Violet has.

“She looks just like me!” Violet said when she first saw the doll.

Violet got her prosthetic legs in December 2015 and now she runs around just like any other toddler. She loves to chase her big brother and imitate his karate moves.

Mom Kayli Stuges said Violet doesn’t really understand yet that she’s different, but it’s still special for her to have a doll that looks like her.

“I think as she gets older having a doll that’s like her will be good for her,” Sturges said. “It’s not every day that you find a doll that has legs like her so it’s awesome that they made it.”

The dolls prosthetic legs are even detachable, just like Violet’s.

“I think she’s excited she has a doll like herself,” Violet’s dad said. “Most dolls have legs like you and I, but this one, she can take them off. She calls them stumpies, just like she calls her legs without [prosthetics] stumpies.”

The family is thankful to the doctors who created the doll and those who helped her get to where she is now. Her parents said it’s thanks to the doctors at Shriners that their little girl can walk today.

“We strongly believe she can do whatever she thinks she can do, so we’ll never ever tell her that she can’t do something because that’s limiting her,” Sturges said. “So if we continue to treat her normally and tell her she can do anything, then she will.”