MARYSVILLE, OH (WCMH) — Three teenagers are facing rape charges, accused of assaulting a 13-year-old girl in Union County back in September.

Two of the suspects, ages 14 and 15, were arrested at Marysville High School, where they are students. The third suspect, a 17-year-old, turned himself in at the Union County Sheriff’s Office last night. All three face charges of rape and theft.

“Any sexual assault is just heinous, but when you’re talking about a 13-year-old, it makes it especially heinous,” said Deputy Chief Tony Brooks of the Marysville Police Department.

Marysville police began investigating on September 26, after they received a report of a 13-year-old girl being sexually assaulted on Sunday, September 25.

Police said the victim told them she was in a vehicle with the three suspects.

“Someone stole some alcohol and some condoms, drove to a wooded area in the northern part of the county, and there she was sexually assaulted,” Brooks said.

Brooks said the victim and all three suspects were drinking and that the victim was too impaired to give consent.

All three suspects were initially taken to the Central Ohio Youth Center before appearing in juvenile court.

“The sooner that those cases get reported, the more likely that we’re able to solve those, especially within that first 24- to 36-hour window when the forensics evidence is still available,” Brooks said.

Marysville police said the 14- and 15-year-old suspects were released from custody by the juvenile court. Police said the prosecutor’s office said the 17-year-old was released Thursday on house arrest.

Police said in sexual assault cases, they need victims to report what happens.

“You need to come forward, whether you feel like you can at this point in time or not,” Brooks said. “Down the road, I think if you talk to most survivors of sexual assault, they’ll tell you that it’s something that stays with them. And [I’m] not saying that if you do report it, it’s going to help anything, but I’ve had victims come forward many, many years after the fact.”