REYNOLDSBURG, Ohio (WCMH)–Nearly two dozen vehicle break-ins in less than a month for one local community have police on high alert.

Reynoldsburg police said they had eight vehicles break-ins just in one night and most of those vehicles were left unlocked, giving the thieves easy access to valuable inside.

Home surveillance video shows them breaking into two of the eight vehicles parked between Main and Broad streets on the night of the 17th.

“We were very fortunate none of our windows were broken out, in that regard I guess it was a good thing our doors were unlocked,” said Shaun Azzolini. He said two of his vehicles were rifled through.

Police said at least two vehicles had their windows shattered, including one seen on a side street off of Taylor Mills Road.

A half mile away, down a nearby cul-de-sac, thieves cleaned out both of James Cotton’s vehicles.

“They stole some miscellaneous things from my vehicles like a handicap tag and coins,” Cotton said. “It is just unfortunate. You’ve just got to be more cognizant and lock your doors and take every caution you can.”

Police ask if you recognize either one of the suspects, to call 614-866-6622.

“We have already received a couple of tips on our line and hopefully we will get more tips from this video,” said Reynoldsburg police Officer John Bock.

Officer Bock said items stolen include checkbooks, tools, laptops and jewelry, cash and portable DVD players.

Both Azzolini and Cotton watched the surveillance, but neither recognized the two suspects.

“They looked like they were not really in a hurry or concerned about not getting caught,” Azzolini said.What others are clicking on: