COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — This week on The Spectrum:

  • The incumbent Ohio governor survives two challengers, but Mike DeWine did not capture even 50 percent of the Republican vote in Tuesday’s primary.

    “This has been an administration that has kept its promises,” DeWine said after Tuesday’s results.

    “I know that Ohio is ready for a change,” Whaley said during a victory speech Tuesday.
  • The Republican and the Democrat at the top of their tickets in the Senate race are fighting for the vote of the middle class.

    “We’re going to go very hard at those voters, and I think they’re going to come on board,” said Democratic nominee Tim Ryan.

    “I remember where I came from, I remember who made me who I am,” said Republican nominee JD Vance.
  • On an extended all-star roundtable, the primary results are discussed by Republican strategists Mike Gonidakis and Ryan Stubenrauch and Democratic strategists Derrick Clay and Joe Rettof.