COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) – This week on The Spectrum:

  • After more than three decades in public service, Republican Sen. Rob Portman is leaving politics and returning to Ohio full-time.

“Maybe as important as what I did is how we tried to do it, and it was with civility and bipartisanship and figuring out how to find that elusive common ground,” Portman said.

What he’s most proud of from his time in Washington and how he plans to stay involved in shaping public policy.

  • A longtime Columbus City Council member introduces her last piece of legislation.

“The program would aim to completely erase medical debt for as many as 80,000 residents,” said Columbus City Councilmember Elizabeth Brown.

Hear what she has to say about a plan that would wipe out $200 million in medical bills.

  • Ohio lawmakers held a marathon session at the Ohio Statehouse this week, working through the night to send a flurry of bills to the governor’s desk.

See which ones made it across the finish line and the controversial proposal that failed to do so.

  • At the roundtable, Common Cause Ohio’s Sam Gresham and Republican strategist Matt Dole weigh in on Portman’s legacy and the legislation headed for DeWine’s desk.