COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) – This week on The Spectrum:

  • Josh Mandel is still the frontrunner to take Ohio’s open Senate seat this fall, but new polling numbers from the Mandel camp show that lead may be slipping as his challengers step up.

    The polling was paid for by a political action committee backing the former state treasurer. In July, the lead showed 40 percent of Republican favored Mandel. At that time, J.D. Vance was second with 12 percent.

    January’s numbers show Mandel still leading, but down by 14 points; former Republican party chairperson Jane Timken surged into second place with 15 percent, and banker Mike Gibbons is up 11 points to 14 percent.

    Hear what Mandel and Gibbons have to say about the numbers and the pending Republican primary.
  • This week, President Joe Biden called on the U.S. Senate to change the filibuster rule to allow passage of voting rights bills.

    In a fiery speech in Atlanta, Biden said the future of the nation’s elections is at stake.
  • At the all-star roundtable, Republican strategist Mehek Cooke and Democratic strategist Derrick Clay discuss the voting rights bill as well as the Ohio Supreme Court rejecting the statehouse’s redistricting maps.