COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) – This week on The Spectrum:

  • Revisiting a shocking endorsement.

    One year ago, former Ohio Gov. John Kasich crossed party lines to back Joe Biden for president.

    “Joe Biden is a man for our times,” Kasich said at the time.

    But now, “I’m very disappointed in how Joe Biden has operated,” Kasich said this week.

    Why the lifelong Republican thinks a loss for Democrats this November could turn into a political win for the president.
  • Congressman Troy Balderson, coming off the announcement of the multi-billion dollar Intel investment in the center of his district.

    “This was everybody on board and on deck, knowing the opportunity we had here,” he said.

    Now, getting work done in Washington D.C. as Democrats try to revive parts of the Build Back Better agenda.

    “The things that are in there right now are not acceptable to a lot of people,” Balderson said.
  • Political partisanship could get a whole lot messier after November’s election. On the roundtable, Democratic strategist Sandy Theis and Republican strategist Mark Weaver debate which side will blink first, and how our elected leaders can unite a bitterly divided nation.