COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) – This week on The Spectrum:

  • “We’re simply saying that no one should make this decision for a child,” said Ohio Rep. Josh Williams (R-Oregon). “No child should make this decision while they’re a minor.”

As legislation that would restrict gender-affirming care for minors advances to the Ohio Senate, a conservative father and his trans son are pushing back.

“Well, I wish my then daughter did come to me,” said father Rick Colby. “It was actually much more dire than that.”

“The fear got me to the point where I did think I’m either going to end my life or transition,” said son Ashton Colby.

Hear their message to lawmakers and to families facing the same situation.

See how long he’ll spend in prison.

“We are elated,” said Scott E. Smith, an attorney representing some of those survivors. “We are ecstatic. It’s been a hard four years. This is what we’ve been seeking from the very beginning.”

See which key individual could be required to appear for a deposition.

  • Early voting in the Aug. 8 special election begins in just more than a week, but will Ohioans bother showing up to the polls? Republican strategist Terry Casey and Democratic strategist Dale Butland join the all-star roundtable to weigh in.

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