COLUMBUS, Ohio (NBC4) — This week on The Spectrum, host Colleen Marshall and guests will shed light on the controversies surrounding anti-abortion counseling centers, abortion access in Ohio and the impact of a possible plea deal on survivors of sexual assault.

Concerns have been raised about the allocation of millions of tax dollars to centers claiming to assist pregnant women in need. Critics argue that these facilities might be misleading their clients, prompting a closer look at the practices employed by such organizations.

The show will also examine the ongoing legal battles over Ohio’s abortion amendment.

The controversy comes amidst a broader effort to limit the power of courts to interpret cases under Ohio’s new abortion amendment. Constitutional experts weigh in on the likelihood of success of this initiative, providing insights into the potential legal implications and challenges.

Viewers will also hear from a sexual assault survivor blindsided by a plea deal offered to her accused abuser. The survivor speaks out about the message she believes this agreement sends to others who have experienced similar traumas.

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