COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — After months of consideration, author J.D. Vance has entered the race to replace Rob Portman as US Senator. Vance brings with him the support of a $10m political action committee.

He says his mission is to give middle-class Americans a stronger voice in this country. But opponents and critics are quick to point out a series of social media posts directed at former President Trump.

Those now-deleted Tweets showed Vance was a “never Trumper” back in 2016, and that the former president’s rhetoric made him afraid.

NBC4’s Colleen Marshall asked Vance about that on Friday, and discovered that Vance doesn’t consider himself an anti-Trump Republican.

“I’ve been very honest about the fact, like a lot of Republicans, I didn’t buy into Donald Trump at first. I didn’t think he’d deliver on his promises. And when he did, I came around to him and I was an enthusiastic supporter in 2020 and took a fair amount of flack, and was actually out there on tv defending the guy a lot over the last few years,” Vance told Marshall.

“I don’t think it’s a problem to say that you made a mistake and that you were wrong,” said Vance.

He was also critical of his own party’s hesitancy to take action.

More of Colleen Marshall’s conversation with Vance on Sunday morning, on NBC4’s The Spectrum.