COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — Sunday on NBC4’s “The Spectrum,” host Colleen Marshall will tackle current issues impacting the lives of central Ohioans, including the November Columbus mayoral election, Ohio ballot Issues 1 and 2 and the House Speaker gridlock on Capitol Hill.

In this installment, Marshall’s sit-down interviews with Columbus mayoral candidates Andrew Ginther and Joe Motil will air.

Githner, in his one-on-one discussion, laid out his top priorities, including the three things he wants to focus on if reelected.

“People hire mayors to get things done,” Ginther told Marshall. “So regardless of who the council members are, the system they’ve got in place. My job is to work with them to deliver results.”

While mayoral challenger and lifelong Democrat, Joe Motil, talked about why it is time for a change in the city’s top office.

“It’s very difficult in this city, as many people know, to challenge the incumbent,” said Motil. “So, they have such a strong hold on power and control over city government.”

Additionally, new polling numbers suggest Ohioans are in favor of passing both a reproductive rights amendment and a recreational marijuana statute next month.

“The Spectrum” examines how groups on both sides of Issues 1 and 2 are spinning the numbers to their advantage when it comes to persuading voters.

Plus, Republican strategist Terry Casey and Democratic strategist Derrick Clay, join Marshall for a roundtable discussion. They break down current political issues, including the chaos on Capitol Hill with the struggle for Republicans to unite behind a candidate for Speaker of the House.

Watch “The Spectrum” at 10 a.m. Sunday on NBC4, followed by Kristen Welker and “Meet the Press” at 10:30