AUSTIN, TX (AP/WCMH) – Texas has collected more than $160,000 in back child support since starting a program this year that bars some parents who owe money from renewing vehicle registrations.

Under the Texas Family Code, the attorney general office also has the ability to revoke drivers’ licenses in addition to professional and recreational permits for parents who do not pay. The Dallas Morning News reported that December was the first month renewal requests can be denied in the Texas Attorney General’s Office program.

The rule applies to parents at least six months behind in child support payments. It does not apply to vehicle titles registered to someone other than the parent owing support or to jointly-owned vehicles.

Records show that since September, more than 7,200 parents received a delinquency notice warning them to arrange a payment plan before their vehicle registration expires.

The Texas Attorney General’s Office, in the past fiscal year, has collected nearly $3.9 billion in child support.

In Ohio, a variety of methods are available to collect child support, including:

  • Credit reporting
  • Professional license suspension
  • Increase in the amount of income withholding to pay arrears
  • If the non-residential parent has no income or assets, the CSEA can get an order requiring the parent to seek work.
  • Intercept of Ohio lottery or Racino/Casino winnings when a case is in default and specific criteria are met.