DALLAS, TX (WCMH) — New cameras installed in Dallas, Texas to cut down on illegal dumping have led to an animal cruelty arrest.

The SPCA of Texas and the Dallas Marshall’s Office have been working together to install surveillance cameras at popular illegal dumping sites across the city. Investigator say one of those cameras recently captured Gorge Spears, 62, abandon a 1-year-old mixed breed dog at the site.

Cameras show the man pull over to the side of the road. He gets out of the vehicle and coaxes the dog out of the car. He then gets in the vehicle and drives off.

The SPCA of Texas says Spears later admitted to dumping the dog, telling investigators that “he was trying to help his sister by getting rid of the dog because his sister was unable to control her.” He was then booked on a Class A misdemeanor charge of cruelty to animals.

Witnesses found the dog and named her Claira-Belle. She was adpoted several days later.

The SPCA of Texas said in a Facebook post that this is the first time the cameras “captured an incident of alleged animal cruelty that has led to an arrest.”

The dumping site, located near Teagarden and Dowdy Ferry roads, is one of the city’s most notorious dumping grounds, the Dallas Morning News reports. People have often left dogs, waste and even human bodies at the site.