PHOENIX, AX (WCMH) — Two 17-year-old teens face multiple charges after police say they were caught on camera robbing fast food restaurants while wearing clown masks.

Phoenix police say the clowns robbed a Taco Bell and a Domino’s restaurant within an hour of each other. Police say one of the teens went inside the restaurant and robbed the place at gunpoint while the other served as the getaway driver.READ MORE: Ohio sheriff issues warning to creepy clowns

During both robberies, the clown-mask wearing suspect fired his gun at least once, but no one got hurt.

Police got their break a day later when they pulled over the primary suspect for a traffic stop and found evidence from the armed robberies in his possession. His arrest then led to the identification and arrest of the second suspect.READ MORE: Police investigating after Ohio woman reports being chased by clown

The clown suspect was charged with three armed robberies and the second suspect was charged with acting as his getaway driver, along with a separate armed robbery of his own.

Because the suspects are still minors, police are not releasing their names.