COLUMBUS (WCMH) — The union that represents teachers in Columbus City Schools is calling on a board member to resign for a social-media post that it says was demeaning to women.

The Columbus Educators Association on Tuesday issued a news release that showed a screenshot of a Facebook post from James Ragland that has since been removed. It featured a link to the song “Nice Girls Don’t Stay For Breakfast” with a message reading, “Happy Women’s Day! Govern Yourselves Accordingly.”

Monday was International Women’s Day, a global holiday to celebrate the achievements of women.

James Ragland

“Mr. Ragland has added insult to injury with a fundamental disrespect for the core values of Columbus City Schools,” Union President John Coneglio said in the statement. “Our 50,000 students deserve board members who lead by example. Three-quarters of CEA members are women. Our Superintendent is a woman. By disrespecting and dehumanizing these leaders on a day set aside for honoring them, Mr. Ragland has demonstrated he is unfit to serve. He must resign immediately.”

Ragland apologized for the post in a statement, calling it an “error in judgment,” but he did not signal that he would resign.

“As the father of a wonderful daughter growing into adulthood, my attempt at shedding light on how I view women fell short of the mark,” Ragland said. “This has taken away from the celebration of the many achievements that women have made to benefit our society, and I will work diligently to correct this error in judgment.”

Ragland was appointed to the school board in 2018 and elected the following year to a term that will expire at the end of 2021.

Manda Thaxton, a parent of a girl attending Columbus City Schools, said the post was wrong and that she reached out to Ragland on Facebook herself.

“I was shocked,” Thaxton said. “To have feedback to tell you, hey, you posted something that is offensive to women, that is missing the mark, it’s not speaking to what this day is supposed to be talking about.”

Thaxton said she agrees that Ragland should resign.

Columbus City School Board of Education President Jennifer Adair issued the following statement:

I am disappointed in Board Member Ragland’s decision to make questionable posts on his Facebook page on International Women’s Day — a day that is set aside each year to celebrate the achievements of women and honor their contributions to our global society. As elected officials and Board of Education members, we must serve as examples of how to conduct ourselves when we know our students and the community we serve are watching. We expect excellence from our leaders at all times. As President of the Board of Education, I can affirm that Columbus City Schools remains committed to championing the principles of equity, inclusion, and cultural competency within our school community.

Jennifer Adair, Columbus City School Board of Education President

This is not the first time that the teachers union has spoken out against Ragland. In September, the union “overwhelmingly” voted no-confidence in Ragland for what it said was his support of charter schools and school vouchers. The vote came after the union said that Ragland appeared at a private-school event with Betsy DeVos, who was serving as secretary of education at the time.

Columbus City Schools is led by a woman, Dr. Talisa Dixon, and four of the seven school board members are women.