COLUMBUS (WCMH) — There are many traditional ways to get college tuition paid including student aid, scholarships, and grants.

Many parents are even under funding their retirement in order to get the cash they need to pay for their kid’s college.

But as the cost of college continues to go up, some students are getting more creative in how they raise funds to go to school.

According to a GoFundMe spokesperson college bound kids are now turning to crowdfunding sites to call on their family, friends and other peers to provide financial support.

Gina Jacob, a college advisor for College Liftoff, said she is not surprised.

“The cost of college over the last 35 years has risen over 1,100 percent,” said Jacob. “In the last decade the cost of a public in-state institution has risen 40 percent and a private four-year institution has risen 26 percent.”

Brittany Wallace is studying to be a school teacher and taking classes at Columbus State Community College. She is already $60,000 in student debt. So getting the extra

$5,000 she needs for some additional courses she’ll be taking at The Ohio State University will be tough. She doesn’t currently qualify for any financial aid.

Wallace was hesitant but finally broke down and did what a lot of other students are doing. She decided to try GoFundMe.

“I’ve always kind of seen GoFundMe as a way to to help victims  of like horrible car accidents and trauma and things like that ,” said Wallace.

“A girl wanted to go back to medical school and she’s raised tons of money for it,” said Wallace.

Her go fund me link has only been up for 5 days now and she’s already raised over $200.

“I have about three friends Who have donated so far which is really great and super nice of them.”

Jacob says parents and students should be pressuring the financial aid office to give richer financial aid packages and that tuition discounting is happening at an all-time high in United States.

Jacob suggests students maximizing the financial aid that they can get from a university and then possibly use a crowdfunding website to fund their first business.What others are clicking on: