COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH)– Amazon plans to open several brick and mortar stores with some of the first expected to open in Ohio, the Wall Street Journal reports.

The business paper cites “people familiar with the matter,” saying the new stores will operate similarly to large department stores such as Macy’s, Norstrom, and Bloomingdales but will be less than a third of the size.

Amazon is already one of the largest employers in Ohio, Lt. Governor Jon Husted said when asked about the WSJ report, and “I think that we have to be careful about putting all of our eggs in one basket,” he added.

“They’re a really innovative company they create a lot of great jobs, they’ve created a lot of efficiencies in our lives. And so I’m a big admirer of what they’ve done, but I wouldn’t call a brick and mortar Amazon store all that innovative, we have those. We have lots of brick-and-mortar stores,” Husted said. “And while we welcome any investment in Ohio, I also get a little wary about bigness: I don’t like big government, I don’t like big business… we need our small business owners at the local level, we need a variety of places to shop. So I wouldn’t I wouldn’t necessarily call this big news.”

Former Macy’s CEO Terry Lundgren said in a CNBC interview Thursday that he’s surprised it took Amazon so long to act. He believes physical locations would cut down on the number of returns for Amazon, particularly with clothing, a huge expense.

Amazon would not give a comment to the Associated Press on the Wall Street Journal report.

According to Market Watch, this spring Amazon became the No. 1 clothing retailer in the country.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.