COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — Ohio Task Force 1’s K9 Xander and handler Debbie Triplett are at work searching with human teams among the rubble of the Champlain Towers Collapse site.

Hurricane Elsa didn’t impact Surfside, Florida on Tuesday, although thunderstorms did halt work at times.

Program Manager Evan Schumann stated on social media: “It is an amazing thing to watch, the work effort on the pile. These talented and dedicated team members, not only from OHTF1 but from all the involved agencies, work tirelessly to bring closer for the victims and their families. I am humbled by the work they do. I am simply proud of all of them.”

He went on to say, “Elsa was not predicted to, and did not, directly impact Surfside on Tuesday. However, there were occasional thunderstorms that did cause work on the pile to be stopped periodically. Otherwise, rain or no rain, the work went on.”

The implosion of the remaining building earlier in the week has also made the scene safer. With that increase in safer, the progress has quickened.

Team members remain in good spirits.

OHTF1 PIO Phil Sinewe stated, “While the progress has improved and quickened, this remains very challenging work. The mental strain alone is staggering for all of them. The team members constantly monitor each other and discuss this difficult task with each other to ease tensions all of them have.”

While these deployments remain fluid and are always hard to predict, the team anticipates being on-site for at least the next seven days, the media release said.