YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) — Two juveniles have been arrested after Youngstown Police say they were throwing rocks at cars from an I-680 overpass for the past two days.

Police said that this was at the Mahoning Avenue overpass. Officers discovered a 14-year-old and a 12-year-old trying to hide in Mill Creek Park. They were called around 10 p.m. Thursday night.

Police caught the two juveniles on foot. This was the second consecutive night that rocks were thrown from the overpass. Multiple cars were struck by rocks during the incident on Wednesday.

Through bodycam footage, officers were shown converging as the suspects tried to escape into the woods. Following is a sample of the audio captured during the pursuit.

Voice of officer: How many people are with you?
Voice of suspect: Huh?
Officer: How many people?
Suspect: Three.
Officer: Four?
Suspect: Three.
Officer: Three? So you two and one other guy?

Investigators believe their suspects — including one who got away — were involved both nights, damaging more than a dozen vehicles.

Reports said the juveniles were taken to JJC for felony charges of vehicular vandalism. In addition to the felony charges against the juveniles, police warn their parents could face trouble too.

“That’s something that parents have to keep in mind, is that when you have 12- and 14-year-olds under your control that are out committing these derelict acts: that you can be held responsible as well,” said Capt. Jason Simon.

Cathy Giles was on her way to work Thursday night when her car hit something as she was driving on I-680.

“All I seen was cars swerving in front of me, and I ran over something, and I was like ‘what did I just run over, [was it] those rocks in the street?'” Giles said.

As she looked around, a police officer pulled up to ask if she was okay and informed her that teenagers were throwing rocks off the bridge.

Giles said the rocks flattened one of her tires as well as causing other damage.

While she says her insurance should cover the damages to her car, she thinks the young suspects have a price to pay too.

“Do they have boot camp? You know, six months boot camp, that’ll teach ’em,” Giles said.

Youngstown police is asking for those whose vehicle suffered damage to file a report with this office by contacting it at 330-747-7911.